The Equity Methods Hiring Process

1. Reflect on your career goals and what’s important to you.

The first step on your journey through our process starts with you. The most fruitful career exploration starts with thinking about your own talents, skills, aspirations, and values. What kind of environment do you need to flourish? Do you prefer a highly structured environment or an entrepreneurial one? Do you want to engage primarily in solo work, or do aspire to manage others? Do you like predictability or do you seek novel experiences? Reflecting on what you truly want in a role will make the process more productive and enjoyable.

One of the best things about Equity Methods is the plethora of growth opportunities. You’ll have a manager and mentor who devote a lot of time to helping you build your skills, and the work you’ll be doing is varied and challenging.

—Bradley Hayes

2. Explore what we have to offer. 

Visit our main website to learn about our service lines, and browse our Knowledge Center to sample some of the areas that are top of mind to us. Browse our Careers area to meet some of our consultants and read about our business, culture, and values.

Campus candidates will find it beneficial to meet us in person through university career events. Experienced candidates with domain-specific knowledge in our core lines of business may find it helpful to reach out to us directly to discuss their goals.

3. Select a role and apply online. 

Our Open Positions and Featured Openings pages provide detailed job descriptions to assist you in finding the right match. Each job description contains a link to a short application where you can input your contact information, upload your resume, and respond to a brief series of questions.

4. Complete your application assessments.

Once you’ve submitted the short application, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a link with instructions on how to take two brief assessments that take approximately 20 minutes in total to complete.

Our hiring team will review each completed application with an eye toward the business needs of the role. As we’re eager to meet new talent, our team may also review your application for a potential fit with other roles that are open. If we see a possible match, we’ll reach out for an interview.

5. Join us for interviews. 

Different teams and roles might vary in the details of their interview schedules, but the interview process may include an informal phone chat, video interviews, and/or meeting onsite at our office in Scottsdale.

Informal chats are typically 15-45 minutes long and are designed to help both you and a member or two of our hiring team to see whether the role might be a good match. This is a great opportunity to express what you’re looking for in a position and ask questions about the company.

Just have fun. Enjoy the conversation, and learn something new. Walk out of the room feeling that you were able to understand what the job is all about and what the company is all about.

—Radostin Kanev

Full interviews are usually 1.5 to 2.5 hour blocks of time where you’ll meet with hiring managers and other potential future colleagues. They’ll be interested in learning about you and your experiences, sharing additional color and texture about the role, and answering any questions you might have. Most roles at Equity Methods involve at least two rounds of full interviews, which include a case study.

A case study is an essential component of either the first or second full interview for most positions. The case involves key elements of the position and provides a taste of what the role involves. Time during the interview will be reserved for discussing the case in person. The hiring team will provide you with additional details and materials prior to the interview so that you know what to expect.

The case study is an opportunity for you to discuss some technical topics with a future colleague.

—Boxian Kolb


6. Receive an offer. 

Congratulations to all of us—we’ve found each other! The hiring team will reach out with the specifics, and you’ll be asked to complete some additional paperwork to authorize a background check as well. Your offer is the result of multiple individuals believing that you’ll enjoy working at Equity Methods and make a valuable contribution to the team. Welcome aboard!

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