Narine Karakhanyan

Phone: 480.428.3313

Narine is a Senior Consultant in the Valuation Services Group at Equity Methods. Narine uses her background in economics, finance, and quantitative methods to assist companies with their trickiest valuation needs. She specializes in Monte Carlo simulation for market awards under ASC 718 and complex equity securities under ASC 820, and is a regular writer and speaker on related issues.

Prior to joining Equity Methods, Narine worked with HSBC Germany in the Securities Services / Custody division, arranging settlements of purchases and sales of securities and maintaining cash accounts. She also worked in research and teaching at the University of Magdeburg in Germany and Arizona State University. Narine holds a Bachelor of Economics degree with honors from the Yerevan State University in Armenia, an M.S. in Economics and Finance from the University of Magdeburg, and an M.S. in Economics from Arizona State University, and she is pursuing Level III of the CFA candidacy exam. Narine is an avid traveler and speaks four languages.