The EM Questionnaire: Craig Sheanshang

Craig Sheanshang | Equity Methods

Craig Sheanshang

Utah State University
BA Economics, BA Finance

Craig grew up in Pleasant View, Utah, and lived for a time in the Los Angeles area. An avid outdoorsman, he’s a competitive trap shooter, at one time ranking fourth in the nation. Craig was drawn to Equity Methods for its smart, hardworking, goal-oriented culture.

If someone visited your hometown, where would you take them?

I’d take them to the top of Ben Lomond, the mountain behind my parents’ home.

What do you think is unique about Equity Methods?

The most unique thing about Equity Methods is how everyone pulls their weight. You don’t have many who want to shirk the work or not give it their all. I love being able to trust my fellow team members to do what they need to do, as long as I do my part.

How would you describe Equity Methods to someone who doesn’t know us?

I’d say that we’re dedicated employees who put EM first, and lift the company where we stand. Everyone lifts in their own area of expertise. Together, we make an amazing company.

Do any stories from your time at Equity Methods stick out?

On my first day at work, the new hires spent a few minutes after lunch playing ping-pong in the break room. As I played, Danny stuck his head in the room. He watched for a minute. Then he said, “Wow. If you, Craig, are the best of the new hires, there shouldn’t be any good competition. Let me grab my paddle and show you how to really play.” Which he did. And kicked my trash. I consoled myself by watching Jacob play checkers with Nick. A big group had gathered to watch, and in the midst of all this I decided to give Nick a few words of encouragement. His response? “Shut up!” It was then that I realized I loved working here.

What advice would you give someone who just joined Equity Methods?

I’d tell them, “Don’t blow it. We spent a ton of time on interviews, hope we were right!”

Why do you think Equity Methods has been a Top Company to Work for in Arizona four years in a row?

Simply put, we do things better. We learn from our mistakes, mitigate risk, and outperform the market. The market notices, and so do our clients. Our hard work contributes to the great atmosphere around here as well.

Do you like to cook?

Love to cook! I make an amazing portobello tortellini casserole. And my pupusas from El Salvador are the real thing.

Have you ever jumped out of a plane?

In video games? Plenty. In real life? Heck, no!

What did you do during your last vacation?

I took my wife on her dream vacation: Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in California. She loves Harry Potter. We went and had a blast, drinking butter beer and acting like wizards.

Who was your biggest influence while you were growing up?

My grandpa. He was a farmer who taught me about responsibility and the value of hard work. I learned some of the biggest life lessons at his house. Everything comes one day at a time, he said—whether it’s sustaining a marriage, overcoming a challenge, or accomplishing a goal.

What do you like to do when away from work?

I love spending time with my wife. I am so in love with my wife that no matter what we do, we have fun. Some of my favorite things are taking walks with her or throwing a football, or anything outdoors.

What is the character trait you admire most in people?

Dedication is a trait I wish more people had. It’s that grit that overcomes difficulty in life or at work. It comes at three o’clock in the morning when something is due. It comes when you need to make lemonade and all life gives you is rocks.

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?


What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

My life right now, to be honest. I have an amazing wife, I love my job, and I have an amazing family.