What People Say

Look out for the ride. It’s a roller coaster! There’s a lot of fun and laughter.

Something that’s hard to come by in a job is the ability to have a new challenge or problem that no one else has solved before. We hit those on a daily basis. Every day is different, every day I’m learning something.

You need a lot of creativity and critical thinking to do this work. It attracts tech-savvy people as well as people who like challenges and puzzles. It’s completely different from bookkeeping and public accounting.

It’s a very great culture in that when you’re at work, it feels like you’re at home.

Equity Methods took much of the pain out of the equity compensation reporting challenges associated with our spinout from Mondeléz International. Since then, Equity Methods has provided critical ongoing support as we upgraded administrative platforms and added new plans. They’ve made our lives easier by meeting our most complex compensation compliance needs with insight, speed, and expertise.