HR Advisory Services

A sea change is coming to equity compensation.

Executives want to know what they’ll receive at grant and where their current payout stands. Compensation committees need to understand the implications of the awards they’re considering. And CFOs, roiled by eleventh-hour turbulence, must have greater visibility into compensation cost.

Our HR advisory services provide the insight you need to improve program design, grant more equity, and tell a cleaner story in your proxy and financial statements.

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Pay vs. Performance Disclosure

Accurately calculate pay vs. performance and determine any supplementary analytics needed to clarify your proxy story.

Modifications, Key Hires & Departures

Anticipate the proxy and accounting outcomes of these highly scrutinized transactions.

Private Company Long-Term Incentive Design

Install best-in-class long-term incentive awards that help drive performance even under conditions of acute talent shortages.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) Design

Stand out to talent with a high-impact ESPP.

Pay Ratio Disclosure

Tell a persuasive story about your pay strategy with high-precision estimates from disparate data sources.

Proxy Visualization & Quantitative Disclosure

Disclose your executive compensation decisions thoroughly and persuasively.

Participant Communication & TSR Tracking

Build employee buy-in and literacy in your company’s equity compensation program.

Award Design & Redesign

Deliver awards that reinforce the business strategy, make sense to executives, and allay shareholder concerns.