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Pay equity is about rewarding people for their work equally based on the value they create, regardless of gender, race or other factors that are unrelated to performance.

Companies with pay equity issues can have a hard time attracting and retaining key talent, especially in highly competitive labor markets. And that’s without the legal challenges, media firestorms, and even customer churn that await companies appearing to violate the principles of equal pay for equal work.

Even so, for such a sensitive subject, pay equity can create a significant advantage. The key is to avoid superficial analyses that create as many problems as they’re supposed to fix.

Get ahead of this critical issue with a balanced, objective pay equity assessment. Uncover drivers of pay differences—including those related to job performance and role—along with potential opportunities for improvement within the context of your specific environment.

How We Help

We help HR executives understand and manage pay equity considerations. As part of this, we work with you to:

  • Identify job- and performance-related factors that account for observed pay differences among various groups, and isolate pay differences that aren’t readily supported by these factors
  • Interpret and gather data around material, unaccounted-for pay differences
  • Improve visibility into the underlying drivers of compensation within and across protected groups, business units, job categories, and other dimensions of interest
  • Provide statistical help for compliance-related analyses, which give more refined insights than averages alone
  • Develop strategies to address potentially discriminatory pay structures, catching problems before they appear
  • Provide key stakeholders with stronger documentation about the underlying causes of pay differences—including those that can be accounted for and those that can’t
  • Craft visual, plain-English explanations for shareholders, employees, customers, and the media
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