Valuation Services

Equity Methods provides businesses with fair value measurement and modeling for all sorts of equity-based awards and securities, whether business-as-usual or special circumstances.

Pay vs. Performance Valuation

Calculate the fair value of all outstanding unvested and in-period vesting awards.

Complex Securities Valuation

Gain insight into the value of convertible debt, convertible preferred stock, warrants, and more—all as unique as your company and the issues you aim to address.

Total Shareholder Return (TSR) Awards

Understand cost and payout potential of different TSR award structures to prepare for grant, make the usual difficulties of formal fair value measurement a non-event, and streamline post-grant tracking and communication.

Post-Vest Holding Periods

Decide whether to incorporate post-vest restrictions into your equity awards with knowledge gained from our valuation and scenario analyses.

Business Valuation

Acquire enterprise level and share class valuations that reflect prior rounds of complex financing and generally accepted valuation techniques.

Stock Options

Determine audit-friendly fair values for stock-based compensation instruments, whether you are newly public or have issued equity compensation for decades.

Award Modifications

Make informed decisions about your specific situation and get the tricky fair value measurement through audit smoothly.

Forfeiture Rate Analysis

Our sophisticated historical forfeiture analysis drives insights and reduces ongoing headaches, avoiding the inherent biases associated with simplified, software-based calculations.


Provide participants, your financial reporting group, and the compensation team with on-demand, up-to-date information about how your TSR (total shareholder return) awards are performing.