Complex Securities Valuation

Complex securities can help your business raise capital, manage cash flow, and provide performance incentives. They’re also a way to optimize intercompany agreements—including mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures—as well as hedge many types of risk.

Some companies lean on complex securities as key financing arrangements. Others acquire them as a “side effect” of other investment strategies and transactions. Either way, the fair value of these customized and innovative instruments is challenging to measure.

Equity Allocation

Get fair market values of multiple classes of equity, taking economic and control rights into account.

Contingent Consideration (Earnouts)

Gain insight into the current and future earnings impact of contingent consideration in a business combination.

Contingent Payouts

Understand the valuation of guarantees provided by a company to ensure third party payments are made, as well as other payouts contingent on a company’s attainment of various thresholds.

Convertible Securities

Cut through the complexity of convertible instruments to achieve your financing goals.


Estimate the fair value and understand the future impact of stock warrants so that companies can anticipate warrant effects on financing activities under a variety of scenarios.