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Bold solutions. A flexible approach.

Equity Methods is the nation’s premier provider of equity compensation modeling, valuation and reporting. From concept to execution, we exist to extend your reach. As hands-on professionals with a strong technical grounding, we work collaboratively with management teams to provide a seamless experience while owning completion of the actual project deliverables.

From Fortune 100 multinationals to Silicon Valley startups, clients enlist us for solutions related to long-term incentive plans, ESPPs, proxy disclosures, financial reporting for stock-based compensation, and pay equity studies. We also provide valuation services for performance awards and complex securities.

We’ve played key roles in tackling unique tax situations as well as some of the country’s most publicized business combinations. Our sophisticated techniques stand up to the growing expectations of independent examiners but are conveyed in a plain-English, genuine way. We’re here to bring clarity, control, and automation to even the toughest cases.

Since our founding two decades ago, we’ve collaborated with over 1,000 clients in the US and abroad, including over 40 Fortune 100 companies. Our firm is consistently rated #1 in client satisfaction and loyalty among providers of financial reporting for share-based payments. We’re also a top employer in our home state of Arizona.

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