What We Do

Equity Methods provides a range of fair value measurement, financial reporting, and HR advisory services, with a concentration in share-based compensation programs (ASC 718). We also provide fair value measurements related to other complex financial instruments that require best-in-class quantitative modeling under ASC 820, ASC 815, ASC 805, ASC 480, and ASC 470.

The landscape of equity compensation has changed significantly. Tight collaboration between Human Resources and Finance/Accounting prior to granting is the ‘new normal’. Equity awards have taken on a new level of complexity involving dozens of levers that can positively or negatively affect recipients and the financial statements. We work with you at all stages of your equity compensation program.

Before grant, we work with executive compensation, HR, and accounting to model the cost of competing equity compensation plan designs, and to understand potential unintended accounting implications. We believe in the power of analytics and modeling to drive better decision-making and reduce surprises.

At grant, we provide ASC 718-compliant fair value measurement services.

After grant, we provide comprehensive financial reporting services fully customized to your unique reporting needs. We help finance functions go beyond pure ‘reporting of the news’ to deliver greater insight and tax optimization throughout their organizations via best-in-class management accounting.

We provide end-to-end audit support for all of our services. In addition, our work is performed using SAS technology, which facilitates a better system of internal control and re-performance capabilities. Finally, our formal financial statement deliverables are subject to our SOC 1 process.

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Financial Reporting

Equity Methods provides stock-based compensation reporting services to companies large and small. Our firm is rated #1 in client satisfaction and loyalty among providers of financial reporting for share-based payments—a rating we’ve earned every year since 2014, according to analyst firm Group Five.

Our clients range from multiple Fortune 50 companies with hundreds of thousands of participants to small organizations with fewer than 50 participants. We deal with all types of share-based payment awards, all industries, different management accounting needs, unique tax situations, and have enjoyed playing key roles in some of the country’s most publicized business combinations. We’re here to bring automation, control, and efficiency to even the toughest cases. Learn more »


Equity Methods provides clients with fair value measurement of relative TSR awards, modified awards, employee stock options, as well as a host of complex securities outside the scope of ASC 718 share-based payments: convertible debt and preferred stock, simple and complex warrant issuances, contingent consideration, and privately held securities. Our sophisticated techniques stand up to the growing expectations of auditors but are communicated and delivered in clean, practical plain-English terminology. Learn more »

HR Advisory

Equity Methods helps HR professionals and compensation consultants avoid surprises and optimize plan terms before finalizing share-based compensation grants. With the explosive growth in performance awards, the known and unknown levers in this new crop of grants can cause significant friction to both recipients and investors.

Recipients stand to feel short-changed if grant quantities are lower than expected. In contrast, pay-for-performance surprises in the proxy due to poorly modeled award costs can affect say-on-pay votes and other matters of critical importance. Through the power of modeling, we bring insight and transparency to your award design process. Learn more »