Award Design & Redesign

Deliver awards that reinforce the business strategy, make sense to executives, and allay shareholder concerns.

If you’re considering changes to your long-term incentive plan, we can help you structure a new award design based on your specific business objectives. As specialists in equity compensation with a knack for analytics, we regularly work with board-level compensation consultants, management teams, and legal counsels to bring greater clarity and structure to award design initiatives.

You’ve developed a strategy for what you want to achieve in your LTIP. We help you build out the nuts and bolts on how to get there using decision modeling to strengthen recommendations. For example, should your design measure performance against a custom peer group or the entire S&P 500? We back-test and run correlation analyses to bring insight to this decision. How about setting threshold, target, and stretch return on equity (ROE) goals? We test how peers set goals and run models to calculate probabilities of achievement.

Whatever your selection, you can show your executives and compensation committee that significant rigor and evidence went into it. We’ll even help you build slides that explain the underlying analytics.