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Equity Compensation Forecasting and Flux Analysis

In this webcast, we discuss the value of cohesive forecasting while providing practical advice to prevent variances and explain those that are unavoidable.

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2018 Group Five Stock Plan Administration Benchmarking Results and What’s Ahead in Stock Compensation Reporting

For the fifth consecutive year, Equity Methods leads the industry in client loyalty and overall satisfaction with financial reporting services.

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Deferred Tax Assets after Tax Reform and IRS Notice 2018-68

Which outstanding equity awards would be grandfathered under the 162(m) updates? IRS Notice 2018-68 gives an answer to this question.

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Top Themes for 2019 Award Design Season

Here are some broader governance, design, and proxy themes to watch out for as we enter award planning season and begin preparing for the 2019 proxy season.

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How Behavioral Biases Affect Executive Compensation

Behavioral biases like loss aversion, mental accounting, and confirmation bias can make or break an equity compensation award. Here are three examples of behavioral biases at play, how they impact compensation, and what we can do about them.

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The Use and Valuation of Contingent Consideration (Earnouts) Under the New Appraisal Guidance

How should contingent consideration, also known as earnouts, be valued? A dozen specialists will likely give a dozen different answers. Ten years after FASB released Statement of Financial Accounting Standards…

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Nonemployee Awards Subject to ASC 718 after ASU 2018-07

ASU 2018-07 is a welcome change that brings the accounting for share-based payments to nonemployees under the ASC 718 umbrella.


Innovative Long-Term Incentive Awards

Discover some of the most innovative award design ideas we’ve seen among the hundreds of companies we work with. From fresh twists on timeless classics to new and emerging metrics and structures, this September 6, 2018 webcast gives you the lowdown on evolving trends to consider for your own organization.

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Tax Settlement Forecasting: The Best Response to Income Statement Volatility

Like it or not, corporate finance and tax teams are now on the hook for forecasting excess tax benefits from stock-based compensation. Here’s a refresher on the current deferred tax model, along with perspectives on the different ways a tax settlement forecasting process can be designed.


Bang for Your ESPP Buck: Maximizing Perceived Employee Value

Replay this July 10, 2018 webcast to hear Equity Methods and Computershare discuss trends in employee stock purchase plans and the benefits of the latest design features. 

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