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The Emerging Impact of COVID-19 on Equity Compensation

Amid the human toll and rising economic uncertainty, the coronavirus outbreak is having a profound impact on equity compensation. In this webcast, we’ll examine what it all means and potential actions to take now.

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Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 on Performance-Based Compensation

Learn how companies can take COVID-19 into account when setting new performance goals and evaluating progress on outstanding performance awards.

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Promotion Equity: Linking Pay Equity to Diversity and Inclusion

In this blog post, we discuss what a promotion equity study seeks to identify, how it’s conducted, and what it can reveal about an organization.

Issue Brief

Secular Shocks and Executive Compensation—Lessons from COVID-19

How does COVID-19 make the case for relative performance metrics? Here’s what total rewards leaders and compensation committees can learn.


2020 State of the Union in Equity Compensation

Whatever your focus—executive compensation, corporate accounting, legal, or stock administration—our annual webcast provides insights into 2020’s top equity compensation themes.

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The Proxy Advisor Balance of Power May Be Shifting

We unpack the SEC’s clarification that proxy advisors engage in proxy solicitation, as well as the implications this has for executive compensation.

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Grant Date vs. Service Inception Date Under ASC 718

We demystify the relationship between an award’s grant date(s) and service inception date(s), with lessons learned from novel client cases.

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ESG as a Performance Metric: What Compensation Professionals Need to Know

In this issue brief, we discuss how ESG priorities have evolved among shareholders and the implications for the compensation function.

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Stock-Based Compensation Awards in a Spin-Off Transaction

A spin-off has countless moving pieces—stock-based compensation being a key one. Use this checklist to help your team navigate your spin-off successfully.

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Post-Vest Holding Requirements: Dos and Don’ts

Is a post-vest holding restriction right for your long-term incentive award? We unpack the dos and don’ts under a variety of circumstances.

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