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Performance Equity Design and Accounting e-Book

Reserve your complimentary copy of our upcoming e-book on performance equity design and accounting.

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2019 Group Five Stock Plan Administration Benchmarking Results and What’s Ahead in Stock Compensation Reporting

We walk through the results of Group Five’s 2019 survey, then pivot to some current themes that are relevant to the stock-based compensation process.

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Underwater Performance Equity: How to Restore Incentives

Discover strategies for how to deal with performance awards that aren’t faring well, along with some important governance and reporting implications.

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The (Re)Purposing of the Corporation: What Compensation Professionals Need to Know about the Business Roundtable Statement

In an economy long dominated by shareholder primacy, the stakeholder framework is gaining momentum. Here’s what it means for executive compensation.


Equity Compensation in Corporate Transactions

In this on-demand webcast, we explore core principles, potential pitfalls, and practical implementation tips for getting stock-based compensation right when a corporate transaction happens.

Issue Brief

Economic Value Added: What You Need to Know in Anticipation of Greater Emphasis from ISS

Learn more about economic value added (EVA), an up-and-coming approach to assessing performance and grading pay-for-performance alignment.

Issue Brief

Convertible Bridge Notes: An Introduction to Their Uses, Accounting, and Valuation Considerations

What can an emerging growth company do to raise funding now, before the next financing round? Convertible bridge notes are a creative option.

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Best Practices in Performance Goal-Setting

Here, we discuss three techniques that companies use to set goals for equity awards: distribution fitting, Monte Carlo simulation, and analyst estimates.

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5 TSR Implementation Mistakes to Avoid

Relative TSR remains tricky to implement. Find out why certain mistakes happen and what companies can do to address them.

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Equilar Executive Compensation Summit 2019 Session Roundup

The 2019 Equilar Executive Compensation Summit took place in Nashville from June 19 to 21. Here are our key takeaways.

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