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The Root of the Problem: Weeding Out Pay Inequities

In this article from the June/July 2020 issue of Workspan Magazine, we discuss the practical considerations involved in remediating a pay equity disparity.

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Case Study: ESPP Performance Across Economic Cycles

We explore some of the costs and benefits that different ESPP types can deliver to help employees ride out economic volatility.

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Pay Equity: The Tale of Two Genders

In these two videos, we review the various components of compensation and the statistical analyses that can help to explain variations in pay.

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Tax Settlement Forecasting During High-Volatility Periods

COVID-19 is a reminder that scenario modeling across a range of possible outcomes is essential to avoiding surprises on the income statement.

White Paper

Modifications and Discretion FAQ

The soon-to-be-published Modifications and Discretion FAQ offers our take on how efforts to restore broken incentives are shaping up in a coronavirus-battered economy. Reserve your copy today.


Converts in a Crisis: Understanding the Role of Convertible Securities in a Volatile Economy

In this webcast, we focus on different types of convertible securities and discuss their increased effectiveness in times of economic turmoil.

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COVID-19 and Startups: The Case for Convertible Bridge Notes

For startups that need cash, convertible bridge notes—which allow investors to invest today to get into future rounds at a discount—can be a good alternative to traditional funding sources.

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In a Crisis, Convertible Bonds Can Be an Attractive Way to Raise Cash

Convertible bonds are debt instruments that promise a specific cash flow stream. In today’s economy, they offer a unique value proposition. Here’s why.

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Taking Bold and Thoughtful Compensation Action Under the Watchful Eye of ISS

Five experts weigh in on COVID-19 guidance from ISS and what it means for restoring incentives in long-term incentive plans.

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Summarizing the CARES Act’s Impact on Executive and Equity Compensation

CARES Act assistance has total compensation limits affecting all employees who made over $425,000 in 2019. Here’s what you need to know—and what we still don’t know—about these limitations.