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Equity Award Modifications

Whether you’re an accountant or a compensation professional, tune in for a webcast that will help you get equity award modifications right.

Issue Brief

The Intrepid Tax Leader

The tax implications for equity awards have become much more complex due to tax reform, ASU 2016-09, and heightened scrutiny from auditors and taxing authorities. In this succinct issue brief, we review the moving parts controllership and tax teams need to be thinking about.

White Paper

Converged or Deconverged: Comparing IFRS 2 and ASC 718

ASC 718 and IFRS 2 share much in common, but have significant differences as well. Further, IFRS 2 statutory reporting is often handled by the individual legal entities within a multinational company, giving rise to risk due to limited system access and expertise gaps. We cover both the technical accounting differences and why US home offices are getting more involved in statutory reporting.

Issue Brief

Long-Term Incentive Awards: 9 Steps for Effective Participant Communications

Discover ways to boost the effectiveness of your LTI participant communications in order to improve the retention and motivational impact of equity.

Blog Post

The Appraisal Foundation Has Issued Its Final Guidance on Valuation of Contingent Consideration

The guidance calls for a more formal valuation methodology based firmly on option theory, using the market for real options.

Issue Brief

Top 5 Performance Award Accounting Concepts for Compensation Professionals to Know

Accounting for equity compensation doesn’t have to be a black box. In this issue brief, we break down five must-know concepts.

Issue Brief

The Key to Engagement: Designing an ESPP to Drive Your People Strategy

In this Workspan article, we discuss the different flavors of ESPPs and ways to help you determine which type is right for your organization.


2019 State of the Union in Equity Compensation

Preview the top themes of 2019 in our annual webcast on equity compensation design, governance, accounting, and reporting.

Issue Brief

Accounting for Performance Awards with Catch-Up Provisions

“Catch-up” awards, which offer multiple chances to earn performance-based shares, are on the rise. Here’s what accounting professionals should know.

Client Story

Automating Stock Compensation Tax Reporting for a Biopharmaceutical Company

This biopharmaceutical company urgently needed a less time- and labor-intensive way to complete its tax reporting process for stock compensation.

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