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Post-Vest Holding Requirements: Dos and Don’ts

Is a post-vest holding restriction right for your long-term incentive award? We unpack the dos and don’ts under a variety of circumstances.

Issue Brief

Grant Date and Performance Period: To Align or Not to Align?

Companies are often surprised by how different the accounting grant date fair value can be from one relative TSR award to another. But there’s a way to manage this.

Blog Post

The Two-Minute Guide to Current Expected Credit Losses

In this blog post, we review key features of the CECL standard and take a look at what companies will need to do to be ready.


Demystifying Tax Reporting for Share-Based Payment Awards

Gain insight into common equity compensation tax issues, including IRS section 162(m), employee mobility, tax settlement forecasting, and FICA taxes for retirement eligible employees.


LTIP Design Trends for 2020

Get up to speed in time for next year’s annual grant. We cover themes from the 2019 proxy season, including LTIP strategy and design trends, as well as recession-proofing strategies, novel designs, ESG, and more.

Issue Brief

Stock-Based Compensation in an Acquisition: A Checklist of Key Considerations

Use our checklist to help your team navigate the key considerations when assuming equity awards from an acquired company.

Blog Post

5 Key Questions for Pay Equity Remediation

Acting on the results of a pay equity study may sound simple, but it isn’t. Here are five common questions clients ask when the time comes to make those decisions.

White Paper

Performance Equity Design and Valuation e-Book

Request your complimentary copy of our e-book on performance equity design and valuation.

Blog Post

2019 Group Five Stock Plan Administration Benchmarking Results and What’s Ahead in Stock Compensation Reporting

We walk through the results of Group Five’s 2019 survey, then pivot to some current themes that are relevant to the stock-based compensation process.

Issue Brief

Underwater Performance Equity: How to Restore Incentives

Discover strategies for how to deal with performance awards that aren’t faring well, along with some important governance and reporting implications.

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