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Tranched Preferred: Uses and Valuation Considerations

Get to know this simple but effective early-stage financing technique, including how it affects the valuation of the underlying shares.

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Employee Terminations: Working Through the Consequences

Terminating an executive has multiple consequences, all of which relate to—or are driven by—accounting rules. Here’s what to look out for.

Issue Brief

6 Steps to Design a Relative Total Shareholder Return Award

Relative total shareholder return has had its share of bad press. But most of its problems are avoidable via a methodical, analytics-based design process.


Equity Award Modifications

Whether you’re an accountant or a compensation professional, tune in for a webcast that will help you get equity award modifications right.

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WorldatWork Total Rewards 2019 Conference Roundup

At the WorldatWork Total Rewards 2019 conference, the dominant theme was pay equity. Here are some of the lessons we took away.

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5 Frequent Modification Mishaps

Here are some of the most common types of modifications and the implications they have for the financial statement and proxy.

Issue Brief

CEO Entry and Exit: 10 Compensation Strategies

Designing a new CEO’s compensation package? Here are 10 of the biggest stumbling blocks, along with strategies for overcoming them.

Issue Brief

The Intrepid Tax Leader

The tax implications for equity awards have become much more complex due to tax reform, ASU 2016-09, and heightened scrutiny from auditors and taxing authorities. In this succinct issue brief, we review the moving parts controllership and tax teams need to be thinking about.

White Paper

Converged or Deconverged: Comparing IFRS 2 and ASC 718

ASC 718 and IFRS 2 share much in common, but have significant differences as well. Further, IFRS 2 statutory reporting is often handled by the individual legal entities within a multinational company, giving rise to risk due to limited system access and expertise gaps. We cover both the technical accounting differences and why US home offices are getting more involved in statutory reporting.

Issue Brief

Long-Term Incentive Awards: 9 Steps for Effective Participant Communications

Discover ways to boost the effectiveness of your LTI participant communications in order to improve the retention and motivational impact of equity.

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