Getting Your TSR Design Details Right

Presented by: David Outlaw

Relative total shareholder return (rTSR) is far and away the most popular metric for performance-based awards. Despite their prevalence, there are so many ways the grant can go sideways and lead to program failure.

TSR awards add dozens, even hundreds, of moving parts to an already-complicated design and grant process. Some are more visible than others. But even the smallest details can have significant repercussions for downstream administration, financial reporting, and valuation.

Join David Outlaw for a discussion on the little grant details that can have a big impact on your TSR program. Some of these include:

  • Managing grant dates and performance period dates to avoid surprises in the 10-K and proxy
  • Interactions between multiple performance conditions
  • Handling changes and transactions in the peer group over time
  • Payout calculation specifics that can materially alter expense

This extensively requested webcast is based on our TSR Design Attributes Checklist, which is an essential tool to both finance and executive compensation professionals dealing with rTSR designs.

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