Equity Methods and Equilar, a premier corporate leadership data solutions provider, today announced their partnership to help compensation committees and CHROs respond to the SEC’s new pay-versus-performance rule.

The partnership allows companies to model their expected pay-versus-performance under the construct of the rule by using a Monte Carlo Simulator within the Equilar Insight platform. The tool allows users to quickly get pro forma values for relative TSR awards that can be used for planning purposes.

“Monte Carlo simulation is one of the most complicated aspects of producing the core pay-versus-performance disclosure table,” said Takis Makridis, President and CEO of Equity Methods. “With the Monte Carlo Simulator, Equilar users can leverage Equity Methods-designed models to get rapid estimates of relative TSR award values as part of their pro forma modeling and planning processes.”

“Most companies lack the technical resources and bandwidth to build a Monte Carlo simulation,” said David Chun, CEO and Founder of Equilar. “We’re excited to combine our industry-leading compensation solutions with Equity Methods’ state-of-the-art modeling capabilities to empower our clients as they address the new SEC pay-versus-performance requirements.”

On December 14, Equity Methods and Equilar will demonstrate the new Monte Carlo Simulator and highlight its features during a live webcast. Register now to learn more.