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Pay Equity, The War for Talent, and Your Board with Takis Makridis and Therese Sebastian

Thursday, November 3 at 10:00 – 10:45 am ET

With the unprecedented events in the labor market over the past few years, many companies are experiencing newfound pay equity challenges. In tandem, proactive boards are asking more questions and expecting greater transparency. This session will delve into the issues many companies are now encountering, the types of questions to expect from the board and other c-suite leaders, and the sorts of tradeoffs incurred when trying to drive sustainable pay equity progress.

The panel will discuss how leading companies are going beyond reporting the basic pay gap figures to articulating a broader talent narrative and identifying the root causes of changes in results from one year to the next. They will also share institutional best practices to help improve senior leadership and the board’s communication and understanding of the company’s pay equity initiatives.

Joining Takis and Therese on the panel will be Sarah Candela (Citizens Financial Group, Inc.)