Don’t miss Equity Methods at the Equilar Executive Compensation Summit 2022.

The Equity Compensation Landscape in 2022 (June 7)

Nathan O’Connor will join a panel to explore the major issues that stock administration, accounting, and executive compensation professionals are grappling with in the current work environment, including an update on rule-making at the SEC related to equity compensation.

Uncertainty, ESG and Adjustments to LTI and the Chaos they Create (June 7)

Takis Makridis will join a panel to discuss how the global pandemic, supply chain issues, inflation, looming uncertainty, and unprecedented pressure to fold ESG metrics into compensation are tempting companies to make adjustments, adopt non-financial ESG metrics, or allow the compensation committees to exercise more discretion in determining LTI payouts. They will cover the proxy, accounting, legal, and investor perspectives, and how to work through issues in a cross-functional capacity while focusing on creative win-win outcomes.

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