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Benchmarking Study Reports an Unprecedented 100% in Client Satisfaction for Boutique Consultancy

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — September 30, 2015 — For the second straight year, Equity Methods is rated first among financial reporting service providers for client loyalty and overall satisfaction in the 2015 Group Five Stock Plan Administration Benchmarking Study.

The financial reporting, valuation, and HR advisory firm has a 100% favorable overall satisfaction rating as well as a Net Promoter® Score (NPS) of 94. The NPS measures the willingness of plan sponsors to recommend a service provider. Both ratings are unprecedented in the benchmarking study’s 17-year history.

Compared with last year’s study results, Equity Methods’ satisfaction rating rose by 2 points and its NPS rose by 14 points.

With 1,019 public companies participating, the Group Five study has the highest participation of public companies among all studies in the stock plan industry. The study is the only independent forum for plan sponsors to make their opinions and priorities known to service providers.

“We’re thrilled that our clients rated us with the highest loyalty and overall satisfaction scores again this year,” said Takis Makridis, CEO of Equity Methods. “We have the privilege of working with outstanding companies who maintain some of the world’s most complex equity programs. Increasingly, they expect stock-based compensation reporting to transcend compliance by providing insight across external reporting, planning and forecasting, tax optimization, and the proxy. Creating impact for clients is why we exist, so there’s nothing more gratifying than receiving this overwhelming level of positive feedback.”

A summary report of the study’s findings is available from the Equity Methods website at