Takis Makridis, President and CEO, and Raenelle James, Financial Reporting Practice Manager, together with Atsuko Evans (MasterCard), will be presenting “Enough on Compliance… Let’s Talk Management Accounting”.

Although compliance is indeed critical in the equity compensation space, the most heated accounting debates do not involve regulators or auditors, but often occur behind closed doors. In fact, management accounting is subject to intense politics as corporate executives want a more granular view of profitability while cost center managers try to protect their margins. The panel will bring together corporate warriors on the front line and experts with purview into many managerial accounting strategies, in an effort to help illuminate the difficulties and solutions in the era of push-down accounting. Please join us as we delve into topics of corporate strategy, international agreements, timing limitations, and how to design effective push-down methodologies at GEO’s National Equity Compensation Forum in New York on September 9, 2014!