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Nathan O’Connor, Executive Vice President and Valuation Practice Director, with Erick Hosken (Compensation Advisory Partners), Eric Turzak (Amgen), and Brian Wydajewski (Baker & McKenzie) will be presenting on “Balancing Compensation Expense with Incentive Value and Shareholder Optics”.

“Relative TSR awards” and “performance stock options” have become buzzwords in the equity compensation space. But due to the complex nature of performance-based awards, striking the right balance between the two competing goals of minimizing expense and preserving their incentive and retentive aspects has proven to be very challenging. So if you’d like to learn more about the different design, legal, and accounting frameworks that are at your disposal when implementing relative TSR awards, then please join our presentation at GEO’s National Equity Compensation Forum in San Diego on September 11, 2014!