The 2016 WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference was once again a great event!  Equity Methods presented several sessions at this conference, which is one of the premier annual events for HR and compensation professionals to discuss top issues.  The complete event schedule can be found here.

Join Equity Methods for the following sessions:

The Proxy of 2020 with Takis Makridis
The proxy is becoming a longer, denser, and more numerically rich document.  Investors and auditors are expecting it to contain more and better information, and ongoing Dodd-Frank implementation is requiring more complex calculations to comply with disclosure regulations.  This means that the proxy will require more inputs, more expertise, and will be under greater scrutiny.  This panel, featuring Takis Makridis of Equity Methods, Dan Laddin of Compensation Advisory Partners, and Thomas Welk of Cooley LLP, will address the changing composition and role of the proxy, and provide tips and best practices so that compensation professionals are well-prepared to tackle the proxy of the future.

Shattering Homogenization by Bringing Analytics to LTI Design with Takis Makridis
Most companies offer long-term incentive awards and many companies have the same long-term incentive award.  This one-size-fits-all approach can lead to proxy surprises for various stakeholders, and often sets up friction between executives, committee members, and shareholders.  This panel, featuring Takis Makridis of Equity Methods, Camille Alexander of Gilead Sciences, and, Seamus O’Toole of Semler Brossy, will illustrate how having multiple designs on the table and stress-testing the alternatives through analytical modeling can reduce friction, head off surprises, and result in a more informed design decision.

Surfing the Coming Pay Ratio Wave With Confidence with Nathan O’Connor
The pay ratio disclosure rules released by the SEC will be an important hurdle for compensation professionals to clear in this first year of compliance.  Not only is there complexity surrounding how to perform the calculation, but the results will likely be highly scrutinized by industry publications and investors at large.  Given this looming challenge, companies will be wise to get ahead of the calculation and start socializing results to stakeholders.  This panel, featuring Nathan O’Connor of Equity Methods, Ralph Barry of Compensia, Michael Shinbein of The WhiteWave Foods Company, and Amy Wood of Cooley LLP, will discuss the importance of stress-testing different calculation methodologies and being prepared to weave the results in to the overall story of the proxy.

Understanding the Impact of the SEC Pay vs. Performance Disclosure Rules with Takis Makridis
Compensation professionals need to be prepared to assess how the SEC’s new rules will affect their organizations as they are finalized in 2016.  The rules have the potential to significantly affect executive compensation design as well as bring added scrutiny to the proxy.  This panel, featuring Takis Makridis of Equity Methods, Alan Duffy of KeyCorp, and Eric Hosken of Compensation Advisory Partners, will review the current status of the proposed rules and provide guidance on what compensation professionals can be doing now to get ahead of these changes.