Mark your calendars! Equity Methods will be participating in two sessions at this year’s Global Equity Organization Americas Regional Conference:

Practices and Trends in Executive Compensation: The What, The How, and the Why with Nathan O’Connor
10/21/19 3:45-4:45 pm

In this session, we’ll shed light on the drivers and reasoning behind main executive pay trends seen in recent years. Our panel will also touch on how companies might change the way they create and present proxy disclosures. Finally, we’ll look at ways companies are evaluating internal pay equity, diversity, and inclusion issues.

Joining Nathan on the panel will be Shaun Bisman (Compensation Advisory Partners), Wells Miller (Choate Hall & Stewart), and Tom Paleka (Gallagher).

Top Equity Accounting and Administration Challenges Demystified with Nathan O’Connor
10/22/19 10:45-11:45 am

Join this session to explore four of the most common equity accounting and administration issues. They include financial reporting for your ESPP, how to deal with complex retirement eligibility provisions in your awards, the state of the art on tax mobility practices, and common but tricky performance award issues. Fear not—you don’t need to be a CPA to come and learn!

Joining Nathan on the panel will be Michelle Tomasetti (CompIntelligence) and Ashleigh Chase (Shareworks by Morgan Stanley).

We look forward to presenting in Huntington Beach!