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Joining the WorldatWork 2020 Total Resilience Virtual Conference & Exhibition? Don’t miss Nathan O’Connor in this highly topical panel discussion.

Rebuilding Value in Equity Plans Amid Uncertainty with Nathan O’Connor
8/12/20 1:00-1:45 pm

The global pandemic wreaked havoc on markets and stock-based compensation, and as companies are now picking up the pieces, a host of questions are surfacing around equity compensation. How can companies rebuild value in their equity plans and incentivize employees in the wake of loss of value in company stock and potentially significant changes to their organization? Our panel will explore the topics that every company should be discussing, including what to do with outstanding equity awards, how to approach future grants, considerations for cash preservation and how to effectively manage share pools.

Joining Nathan on the panel will be Emily Cervino (Fidelity) and Charlene Lake (Harley-Davidson).

We look forward to exchanging ideas during this livestream presentation!