Raenelle James will be on a panel presenting “A Deep Dive into Share-Based Compensation Accounting,” offering a comprehensive overview of ASC 718 and the ins and outs of share-based compensation.

Raenelle’s co-panelists will be Tommy Swindle from UBS and Garry Devine from Amgen.

Key Learning Points. 

  • Gain insights into the key aspects of ASC 718, covering valuations, compensation expense, disclosures, deferred tax assets, and dilutive earnings per share
  • Understand how to navigate the complexities of share-based compensation accounting impacts, empowering you to assemble effective stock plan management teams
  • Learn how a comprehensive understanding of ASC 718 improves the productivity and effectiveness of discussions with financial reporting teams

Hear what Raenelle has to say about ASC 718 here.