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Equity Methods is a proud participant of the 26th Annual NASPP Conference and Exhibition from September 25—28 in San Diego! We look forward to lively discussions of this year’s top-of-mind issues in executive compensation.

Join Equity Methods for the following sessions:

Hot Topics in Equity Compensation with Takis Makridis

2018 has been filled with game-changing upheaval and late-breaking developments across stock plan regulation, plan design, and accounting. Once again, Takis, Mike Melbinger (Winston & Strawn), and Art Meyers (Choate) will run through a laundry list of the year’s most salient events affecting equity compensation.

The Aftermath of FASB Standard-Setting with Takis Makridis

This session will cover the slew of guidance affecting stock compensation from the past few years. Areas of focus will include why the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) made the decisions it did and how companies have responded. Takis will be joined by Haleh Carrillo (OnPoint Equity Plan Services) and Shayne Kuhaneck (FASB).

The Top 10 SBC Accounting Waves in 2018 with Raenelle James

A surge in corporate transactions, regulatory updates and new exotic awards have resulted in new and tricky accounting challenges. Working with the hand that you’re dealt—while still avoiding manual intervention—can be an interesting challenge to overcome. This session with Raenelle, Nancy Dartez (Vital Therapies), Ellie Kehmeier (Creekview Consulting), and Carrie Kovac (e-Trade) will aim to translate these issues into plain English and provide you with the tools to successfully ride this wave.

Time to Invest Some Sweat Equity in Your TSR-based Incentive Plan with Nathan O’Connor

Hybrid awards that combine accounting-based performance metrics along with Total Shareholder Return metrics are on the rise and for good reason – they combine the shareholder-friendly aspects of TSR with the line of sight afforded by accounting-based metrics. Consider various ways your TSR award can be spruced up through the incorporation of other metrics, the potential internal implications, and how your proxy advisors will respond. Nathan will be joined by David Bixby (Pearl Meyer) and John Roe (ISS Analytics).

Telling Great Proxy Stories with Visualization with Josh Schaeffer

As you enjoy your lunch, Josh will demonstrate how leading companies use effective visualization to tell more compelling proxy stories, deconstruct complex award designs, explain pay-for-performance relationships, justify the use of specific peer firms, and more. Using live examples from proxies and other visuals, we’ll step through some immediate ways to improve communication using data.

Hold ‘Em or Fold ‘Em? Timing Executive Officer Terminations and Severance with Josh Schaeffer

While succession planning and terminations of executives are a necessary step, understanding the “right” way to handle executive terminations can help avoid headaches in the areas of taxes, proxy reporting, and shareholder relations. Josh, along with Jon Ocker (Pillsbury Law) and JT Ho (Orrick), will use real-life examples to help tackle show why timing matters and how best to manage this situation.

We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!