Equity Methods is a proud participant of the 27th Annual NASPP Conference and Exhibition from September 16—19 in New Orleans! We look forward to lively discussions of this year’s top-of-mind issues in executive compensation.

Join Equity Methods for the following sessions:

Hot Topics in Equity Compensation with Takis Makridis

2019 has been filled with game-changing upheaval and late-breaking developments across stock plan regulation, plan design, and accounting. Once again, Takis, Mike Melbinger (Winston & Strawn), and Art Meyers (Choate) will run through a laundry list of the year’s most salient events affecting equity compensation.

The Big Easy Guide to Forecasting with Raenelle James

Would more effective equity award forecasts benefit your company, but you aren’t sure where to begin? Improve your ability to budget share-based compensation by diving into best practices and strategies for forecasting stock-based compensation expenses, dilutive EPS, and tax benefit volatility.

Complex Issues within Equity Compensation with Nathan O’Connor

While navigating many questions surrounding equity compensation accounting and legal issues is straightforward, issuers spend a disproportionate amount of their time dealing with a variety of tricky issues that may impact many or sometimes only a few of their awards. In this panel, we’ll explore accounting and legal practices in areas such as complex retirement eligibility provisions, non-compete provisions, ESPP accounting, pay equity, and issues with use of cash-settled instruments.

Performance Award Accounting Problems: 10 Tricky Issues in 2019 with Nathan O’Connor

Performance awards often lend themselves well to complexity. In this panel, we’ll provide an overview on 10 tricky problems that issuers granting performance awards commonly face. We’ll touch on issues such as awards with multiple grant dates, overlapping service periods, unique fair value situations, how accounting for hybrid awards works, issues with resetting performance targets, and how contingently issuable shares are determined for EPS purposes, along with a few others.

Valuation 101: Don’t Know Lattice from Lettuce with Josh Schaeffer

Take a math-free trip through the most common valuation models, learning the key drivers of equity awards and how changes can impact the value of the instruments you provide to employees.

Divorce, Death, and the Impact on Equity Awards with Josh Schaeffer and Raenelle James

Explore how executive death and divorce impact stock holdings and equity awards from a valuation, securities law, plan administration, and tax perspective. Discover how careful planning, modeling, and drafting can be used to help mitigate common pitfalls.

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!