Join Equity Methods at the September 2018 meeting of NASPP’s Nashville chapter!

Nathan O’Connor will lead the following discusson:

What’s New in Equity Compensation

Big developments have transpired in equity compensation in 2018. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which became law on December 22, 2017, introduced sweeping changes to deferred taxes and other areas of equity award accounting and design. Companies with after-tax performance metrics have had important decisions to make, and all companies have been dealing with adapting to the revisions to 162(m). Other hot topics in the executive compensation landscape have been major shifts in ISS’s pay-for-performance quantitative model, an increase in interest in pay equity and board diversity, and ongoing evolutions in plan design.

Hear Nathan’s updates on these and other topics, touching on:

  • Current executive compensation design trends
  • Performance metric-setting in light of tax reform and unfolding best practices
  • Revisions to 162(m) deductibility and an update on industry’s interpretation of the changes
  • CEO pay ratio results from the 2018 proxy season
  • ISS’s new financial performance assessment (FPA)
  • Emerging issues and best practices in performance goal-setting
  • Burn rates and trends in broad-based equity granting
  • Increased interest in employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs)

Throughout the presentation, Nathan will also weave in highlights from our soon-to-be-released executive compensation decision support survey and stock compensation accounting best practices survey.

We look forward to seeing you there!