Join Equity Methods in Houston on October 4th for the Houston NASPP Chapter meeting.

Nathan O’Connor and Josh Schaeffer of Equity Methods will present “Trends in Equity Compensation”.

The executive compensation landscape is growing in turbulence. Meeting the needs of shareholders, delivering value to retain and motivate executives, and sorting out the implications of the new administration’s arrival in Washington D.C. are all keeping HR and executive comp professionals on their toes this year. With the 2018 proxy season fast approaching for many companies, we are able to turn toward assessing future risks such as:

  • The changes in ISS’s assessment of pay-for-performance
  • New award designs such as hybrids
  • Cash and the ever-growing ESPP phenomena
  • Dodd-Frank demands such as ongoing CEO pay ratio development

In financial reporting and tax departments, the go-live of ASU 2016-09 and major changes in performance granting trends have meant a need to be ready for considerable changes in these areas too.

In the midst of all this activity, stock plan professionals can play a key role in supplying information to support decision-making, advising management on best practices, and pointing out risks in current compensation programs. In this presentation, Nathan O’Connor and Josh Schaeffer from Equity Methods will share trends and practices in award formation and accounting that EM has seen emerging recently among clients and industry friends. Specific discussion topics will include:

  • Tax settlement forecasting in light of ASU 2016-09
  • Implementation of the CEO pay ratio requirement
  • Accounting-based performance award goals
  • The Trump Administration’s impact on the equity compensation landscape to date

Join us as we explore the latest news and best practices on these issues of current interest to stock plan professionals.

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