The 24th Annual NASPP Conference in Houston was a big success! For over 2 decades, the Annual NASPP Conference has been the premier event for gaining critical guidance on stock-based compensation issues for professionals involved in the design and management of stock and executive compensation.

This year, Equity Methods presented the following sessions:

Equity Compensation Roundup! with Raenelle James, CPA:
Compete against your peers in a trivia contest that will expand your knowledge in a range of equity compensation topics. This innovative session will prove that learning core tax, accounting, and legal concepts can be more fun than you ever thought possible.

Madder than a Wet Hen: The Top 10 Mistakes in Grant Agreements with Nathan O’Connor:
Grant agreements have never been as important as they are today and mistakes can be difficult—and expensive—to correct. Our veteran panel will address common mistakes and their implications, and offer an action plan to improve your agreements. A can’t-miss if you are responsible for preparing or distributing grant agreements.

The Rules Are In! ASC 718 Simplified…Sort Of? with Raenelle James, CPA:
Now that the amendments to ASC 718 are final, it’s time to unpack best practices for a smooth transition. This session will focus on revisions to the tax accounting model and share-withholding policies, including actionable ideas such as using tax settlement forecasting to reduce P&L volatility and how to respond to requests to customize the withholding rate.

Avoid the Rabbit Hole: CEO Pay Through the Global Pay Ratio Looking Glass with Takis Makridis:
Get a head start on one of the most controversial disclosures in your proxy statement—the CEO pay ratio. Our panel will provide a path to disclosure, including calculation methodologies, global workforce considerations, critical preparation for 2017, and how to meaningfully present the ratio. About half of this session will be focused on issues specific only to multinational stock plans.