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We have been informed that an unauthorized party has been using our company and employee names in connection with fraudulent Upwork solicitations. Please be advised that we are not recruiting for graphic design, UX design, web development, social media management, or other freelance roles via Upwork or similar sites, and we have alerted Upwork to the issue.

Our regular employment opportunities are listed on the Open Positions page on our website. Our authorized external recruiters DO NOT request national ID numbers, birthdates, financial information, or other sensitive data to discuss a position. Further, they DO NOT collect hiring paperwork on our behalf, and our HR team NEVER requests sensitive information over the phone. If you would like to confirm that employment-related outreach is legitimate, please feel free to contact us directly.

If you encounter a suspicious job posting concerning Equity Methods on Upwork or other sites, please let us know at this link. In addition, if the posting is on the Upwork site, you can find information on how to report the issue directly to UpWork here.