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Five Big Questions Boards Are Asking about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What will the compensation committee or board of directors likely need to know about DEI? We unpack the biggest issues in this article for Workspan Daily.


Incentive Restoration Strategies in 2020: The Brazen, the Bold, and the Basic

Join us for case studies of different incentive restoration initiatives companies adopted in 2020, pros and cons included.


Preparing for Your 2021 Annual Equity Grant

In this webcast, we discuss our annual grant checklist of end-to-end considerations to help financial reporting leaders steer clear of surprises.

Blog Post

Understanding Peer Volatility: Breaking Down the Drivers

Private and newly public companies who grant options rely on leverage adjusted peer volatility for fair value calculations. Here are four key criteria for selecting a peer group.


Colorado’s Pay Equity Law: Is Your Company Prepared?

In this webcast, we discuss the details of Colorado’s enhanced Equal Pay for Equal Work Act and what this means for Colorado businesses.

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Five Reasons to Review Your Job Architecture Today

It’s important to keep tabs on your job architecture to make sure it’s keeping up. If it isn’t, problems will eventually surface.

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Recent FASB Simplifications to Convertible Bond Accounting

The accounting rules for convertible bonds, which have features of both debt and equity, have been confusing to apply. That’s what FASB’s recent update under ASU 2020-06 aims to address.

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2020 Group Five Stock Plan Administration Benchmarking Results and What’s Ahead in Stock Compensation Reporting

See Equity Methods’ results from this year’s survey of plan sponsors and get our take on the issues that are top of mind for stock-based compensation.

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Top 5 CFO and CAO Questions about Equity Compensation (and How to Answer Them)

No matter what the question is or who is asking it, there is a way to respond quickly and succinctly, with a command of the details that doesn’t overwhelm.

Issue Brief

Diluted EPS for Convertible Debt Securities: A Primer

Convertible securities can be an attractive source of capital for mature and early-stage companies alike. But their dilutive impact is a potentially complicated issue. In this issue brief, we take a closer look at that impact and introduce the “if-converted method” as an elegant way to determine the dilutive impact of convertibles.