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The Times They Are A-Changin’: Pay Equity and Cohorts during Turbulent Economic Times

A turbulent labor market can throw a serious wrench into attempts to achieve pay equity. Here’s why, and how to isolate key areas of concern.

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ESPP Accounting: Top 4 Pitfalls to Avoid with the IRS Contribution Cap

Calculating the IRS cap on contributions to employee stock purchase plans can get tricky. Here are the top four pitfalls we see.

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Prepayment of Debt in a High Interest-Rate Environment

We unpack the prepayment (or call) feature of a bond, including what it is and how one might go about valuing it.

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No Free Lunch: Understanding Volatility, Average Prices, and Valuation

When valuing equity compensation instruments, volatility estimates are typically based on closing prices. Should you use average stock prices instead?

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Key Considerations for ESPPs with Matching Shares

Dive into the details of share-matching ESPPs, where the shares an employee purchases are matched by the employer using a predefined ratio.

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It’s Time to Adopt an SEC-Compliant Clawback Policy. Here’s How to Get Started.

The race to comply with the SEC’s Dodd-Frank clawback rule is about to begin. Here’s what companies should be doing now to get ready.

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Equity Methods at the Equilar Summit 2023

Equity Methods was a sponsor of the Equilar Summit, which took place from May 31 to June 2 in Nashville. We helped lead three of the sessions and two of…

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Why Total Rewards Leaders Should Pay Attention to Non-Financial Data

Investors are considering HR disclosures when they make buy, sell, and ballot decisions. That has implications for the total rewards team.

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Insights From Company Pay vs. Performance Disclosures

Companies are publishing their year-one pay vs. performance disclosures. Here’s what we’ve learned from them so far.


Lessons Learned From Pay vs. Performance Disclosures

The dust has settled on proxy filings for calendar year companies, and a critical mass of pay vs. performance disclosures have now hit the market. Join Takis Makridis, David Outlaw, and Siddharth Thaker for this deep dive into what you need to know about PvP moving forward.