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White Paper

2018 Executive Compensation Decision Support Survey

In our newest survey report, hear from representatives of 135 companies as they reveal how they make executive compensation and proxy disclosure decisions.

White Paper

2018 Stock-Based Compensation Accounting Best Practices Survey

What does a center of excellence in stock compensation reporting look like? In this edition of our signature survey, 230 respondents share their insights.

Blog Post

Options Backdating 2.0? The Timing of News Releases around Option Grants

A recent Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis article reveals how companies may be timing information releases to influence option compensation.

Blog Post

Highlights from the 26th Annual NASPP Conference

Once again, Equity Methods featured significantly among an impressive cast of speakers at the annual NASPP conference in sunny San Diego, CA.

Blog Post

FASB Standard-Setting Explained

From ASU 2016-09 to ASU 2018-07, there’s been a lot of change in the stock compensation world. Here’s what’s happened and where practices are evolving.

Issue Brief

Alternative Measures for Executive Pay

Shareholders and proxy advisory firms scrutinize the proxy for linkages between pay and performance. Alternative pay measures can provide them with context.

Blog Post

Five Internal Controls for Best-in-Class Equity Reporting

For companies both large and small, the simplest error in reporting stock-based compensation expense can prove material to financial statements.

Blog Post

2018 Group Five Stock Plan Administration Benchmarking Results and What’s Ahead in Stock Compensation Reporting

For the fifth consecutive year, Equity Methods leads the industry in client loyalty and overall satisfaction with financial reporting services.

Blog Post

Deferred Tax Assets after Tax Reform and IRS Notice 2018-68

Which outstanding equity awards would be grandfathered under the 162(m) updates? IRS Notice 2018-68 gives an answer to this question.

Blog Post

Top Themes for 2019 Award Design Season

Here are some broader governance, design, and proxy themes to watch out for as we enter award planning season and begin preparing for the 2019 proxy season.

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