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Real World vs. Risk Neutral: Understanding the Difference between Valuation and Derived Service Period Assumptions

Although valuations are based on a world where all investors are “risk neutral,” this causes some confusion when considering the derived service period.


Restoring Underwater Incentives: Discretion, Modifications, and More

In this webcast, we explore the implications of modifications and compensation committee discretion for addressing underwater performance incentives.

Issue Brief

Executive Compensation in a Chapter 11 Restructuring

In this issue brief, we cover the different types of restructurings and ways executive compensation programs can change under each.

Issue Brief

The Questions Boards Are Asking about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Be ready with robust metrics on diversity, equity, and inclusion—with an emphasis on visualization and analytics to support root cause analysis. 

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5 Common Grant Agreement Mistakes for TSR Awards

An optimal award agreement requires careful consideration of all the plan terms to avoid imprecise calculations and unintended payouts down the road.

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Executive Compensation Strategies in Response to COVID-19 Disruptions

In this video, Equity Methods CEO Takis Makridis shares his perspectives on adapting executive compensation awards and performance metrics amid economic disruption.

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The Root of the Problem: Weeding Out Pay Inequities

In this article from the June/July 2020 issue of Workspan Magazine, we discuss the practical considerations involved in remediating a pay equity disparity.

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Case Study: ESPP Performance Across Economic Cycles

We explore some of the costs and benefits that different ESPP types can deliver to help employees ride out economic volatility.

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Pay Equity: The Tale of Two Genders

In these two videos, we review the various components of compensation and the statistical analyses that can help to explain variations in pay.

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Tax Settlement Forecasting During High-Volatility Periods

COVID-19 is a reminder that scenario modeling across a range of possible outcomes is essential to avoiding surprises on the income statement.