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Preparing for Your 2021 Annual Equity Grant

In this webcast, we discuss our annual grant checklist of end-to-end considerations to help financial reporting leaders steer clear of surprises.

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The Annual Equity Grant: A Checklist of Key Considerations

The annual equity grant is a critical juncture in any long-term incentive plan. Get control of the complexities of granting season with this checklist of key considerations.

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Human Capital Management: Deciding What to Disclose in the 10-K

In this third and final article of our series on the new 101(c) disclosure standard, we share five principles to consider when structuring your own disclosure.

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EPS Hot Topics for Equity Compensation

The impact of basic and diluted EPS is one of the most complex areas of equity compensation. We touch on some of the issues here.

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Human Capital Strategy Disclosures Under Regulation S-K: A Tale of Three Companies

In part two of our series on the new standard for Item 101(c), we look at what three early adopters disclosed in their 10-K filings.

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10 Themes Shaping the Decision to Restore Underwater Equity Incentives

With the economic fallout of COVID-19 making its way to equity and executive compensation, these themes should be on your radar now.

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Companies with Visionary Human Capital Strategies Get a Boost from Regulation S-K Modernization

The SEC released a new standard for 101(c) human capital disclosure. We unpack it in this article, the first of a three-part series.

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Taking Bold and Thoughtful Compensation Action Under the Watchful Eye of ISS

Five experts weigh in on COVID-19 guidance from ISS and what it means for restoring incentives in long-term incentive plans.

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Avoiding Annual Grant Cost Surprises

This blog post details how different award designs can result in unexpected costs, and what can be done during the annual grant process to minimize risk.

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Five Big Questions Boards Are Asking about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What will the compensation committee or board of directors likely need to know about DEI? We unpack the biggest issues in this article for Workspan Daily.