2015 State of the Union in Equity Compensation

Presented by: Takis Makridis

The new year is shaping up to be one in which stock-based compensation award designs become more complex, finance executives drive for more and better information transparency, and award recipients are prone to misunderstand or question their grants.  Whether it’s more granular tax mobility, hybrid performance/market awards, proxy CD&A surprises, or FASB’s pending revisions to ASC 718, the times are anything but boring.

Join us for a panoramic view of the year ahead.  We’ll discuss:

  • Advancing strategy: rethinking the finance function, compliance vs. insight, and industry trends
  • Plan Design developments: hybrid awards, post-vest holding requirements, and realized vs. realizable pay
  • Financial reporting issues: mobility, direct tracing, recharge, forecasting, and spin-outs
  • Regulatory issues and best practices: FASB updates, pay ratios, new ISS scorecards, and clawbacks
  • Preliminary findings from our stock-based accounting survey, which looks into common and best practices adopted by finance centers of excellence

Gain insight about the top share-based payment issues we’re seeing companies tackle and auditors scrutinize.

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