2016 State of the Union in Equity Compensation

Presented by: Takis Makridis

Tune in to this popular annual webcast, now in its fourth year, in which we share a “state of the union” perspective in equity compensation design, accounting, and proxy disclosure.

The year in equity compensation is off to a busy start.

Executive compensation continues to evolve. Compensation committees are demanding new, more analytically rich insights to help them balance shareholder and recipient goals. Award designs are diversifying, creating new planning and execution risks. And the proxy is becoming a more quantitative document as companies prepare to implement new Dodd-Frank rule-making.

Meanwhile, financial reporting is evolving too. Plan designs continue to gain variety and complexity. International reporting is heating up, with all eyes on recharging, mobility, and tightened IFRS statutory requirements. Above all, finance is advancing toward insight beyond compliance, with improved management reporting that enables better business decisions.

Join our CEO, Takis Makridis, to get a jump on these issues. We’ll discuss:

  • What you need to know about the SEC’s flurry of Dodd-Frank rule-making
  • FASB’s revisions to ASC 718
  • Design trends, including hybrid awards and post-vest holding periods
  • New approaches toward goal setting
  • What to do about total shareholder return (TSR) awards
  • Employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs)
  • Recharging, direct tracing, and mobility complications in stock compensation reporting

Get a handle on the most pressing share-based payment issues before us in 2016.

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