Converts in a Crisis: Understanding the Role of Convertible Securities in a Volatile Economy

Presented by: Josh Schaeffer, PhD

On-Demand Webcast
Recorded on June 23, 2020

They’re at the heart of nearly two dozen April 2020 deals. The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, and the Financial Times recently wrote about them. And for many companies in this volatile economy, they’ve become an attractive way to raise cash.

Convertible bonds are making a resurgence. As companies face a need for capital following the impact of recent economic conditions, these and related complex securities offer a unique value proposition. In this webcast, we focus on what convertible bonds are, the different forms they can take, and why they can be an effective financing tool to weather the economic storm. We’ll explore:

  • How convertible bonds work, including economic and accounting considerations
  • An illustration of why the current market is ideal for convertible debt
  • Examples of convertible bonds issued in 2020 showing how these securities have been used
  • How convertibles securities work in private companies
  • Convertible bridge notes, a unique tool for private companies that has benefits in an uncertain economy

This webcast qualifies CPAs for 1.0 hour of CPE.

CPE Credits: 1.0 (available to live webcast attendees)
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Program Level: Overview
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