CEO Pay Ratio: 15 Burning Questions Answered

Weighing in at a whopping 294 pages, the CEO pay ratio rule is a mix of general principles and explicit guidance that leaves no shortage of questions. You can access our 60-minute webcast from Tuesday, August 29 to learn what issues are creating the greatest challenges for organizations as they rush to prepare for the 2018 proxy season.

Surveying hundreds of conversations we’ve had with companies preparing for the rule’s inception, we selected the top 15 recurring questions to discuss in this webcast. Join Takis Makridis and David Outlaw as they discuss:

  • Diminishing uncertainty regarding the rule’s survival and timeline
  • The high costs and low benefits of statistical sampling
  • Risks and tradeoffs faced when selecting a CACM
  • Decisions about disclosure depth and narrative strategy

To further explore topics from the webcast, request a copy of our booklet, CEO Pay Ratio: 40 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

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