In Life and PvP Disclosure, Relationship Clarity is Key

As companies get their PvP tables ready, the next step is deciding on how to “clearly describe” the PvP relationships. Companies may use graphs, narrative, or a combination of the two.

Watch our webcast playback as we look at the strategies companies are taking toward this important component of the disclosure. In particular, we’ll cover:

  • Requirements under the SEC rule related to the Item 402(v)(5) relationship disclosures
  • Different types of PvP variable relationships manifesting in practice
  • Approaches to constructing the disclosure, from minimalist to context-rich methods
  • Decision-making criteria for arriving at a final disclosure strategy
  • Peer trends (so far) and implementation considerations
  • Recent SEC commentary on PvP

Don’t miss this important next step in the PvP preparation journey.

CPE Credits: 1.0 (available to live webcast attendees)
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Program Level: Overview
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