Understanding the Complexities in Proxy and Disclosure Reporting

Slides from presentation given at the Silicon Valley NASPP All-Day Conference, Santa Clara, CA.

Panelists: Raenelle James, Equity Methods – Megan Arthur, Cooley – Winny Van Veeren, Vanveeren Consulting

Filing your 10-K and proxy? Does it seem overwhelming? There are numerous requirements when filing. How do you know if you’re doing it right? What is the industry doing – what are best practices? Perhaps you’ve attended a session on proxy disclosures, but when was the last time you reviewed 10-K disclosure strategies. To share best practices and landmines related to both the 10-K and proxy, we’ll start at the very beginning: what purpose do these documents serve? From there, we’ll review the most current regulatory guidance and then dive into current trends and best practices.