White Paper

Unpack how leading companies make executive compensation and proxy disclosure decisions.

In the 2018 Executive Compensation Decision Support Survey, we dig into company practices related to executive compensation. Other studies provide a quality answer to what companies do. Here, we strive to understand everything else—who, when, why, and how.

Hear from representatives of 135 companies as they share ways that they:

  • Keep up with their business’ strategy in the market
  • Work with attorneys, outside consultants, other internal groups, and the compensation committee
  • Make the data-driven decisions that governance groups, shareholders, and boards demand
  • Tailor messages to the board, participants, and various audiences of the proxy
  • Continue to innovate in light of changing regulations, increasing governance scrutiny and attention from the executives themselves

While every team will come to different conclusions, the results reveal clear best practices on how to get there. We hope you find this report insightful and helpful.

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