Working at Equity Methods

You’ve worked hard in your classes and are now on the hunt for a professional role where you can excel. Pay and benefits, opportunities for advancement, and company culture are all important. But of these, culture can be the hardest to define while having an outsized influence on your quality of life at work.

In this series, we’ll show you what the culture at EM is like through glimpses of company life, the rhythms that govern professional services, and behaviors that we value. We might explore a touch of philosophy, too!

The Offsite: Not Your Typical Company Meeting

What’s an offsite for? How do we use offsites at Equity Methods? Get answers to these questions and more.


Building Trust and Skills in a Low-Hierarchy Environment

In a low-hierarchy environment, collaboration comes from every direction. Learn why it’s a good thing in this blog post.


Three Pieces of Career Advice I Tell Every New Graduate

Our CEO talks about classes, networking, and interviewing in this article for newly minted professionals.