Radostin Kanev

Radostin Kanev

Director, Financial Reporting Services


“It all seems impossible until it is done. Somehow, we always get it done.”

As a director at Equity Methods, Radostin Kanev handles the intricacies of many of the firm’s most complicated financial reporting processes. He leads engagements across a wide range of Equity Methods clients. Areas of emphasis include employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) accounting and tax mobility reporting for multinational companies.

Rado acquired his technical and conceptual modeling skills from prior experience in the financial consulting industry. This, along with his responsiveness and attention to detail, makes him highly effective in tackling complex, time-sensitive client engagements. He prioritizes the toughest, most significant challenges, getting those off the client’s plate to make room for addressing the issues that remain.

Rado is known for his approachable, collaborative style. He works with clients to gather different perspectives and analyze a problem along multiple dimensions, all through a lens of risk mitigation. Seeing solutions come together, and helping clients contribute to the success of their organizations, are part of what makes his work at Equity Methods so rewarding.

Internally, Rado leads talent acquisition at Equity Methods. He’s also actively involved with the ongoing development of the firm’s technical and administrative infrastructure. Rado speaks at local and national gatherings of stock plan professionals as often as he can.

Rado hails from Bulgaria, has studied in Spain, and enjoys traveling to different countries. Through extensive international experience, he has learned to adapt quickly to new environments and communicate successfully with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.

Rado holds a BS in finance from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. He has also earned business certificates in international business as well as small business and entrepreneurship.

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