Life at Equity Methods: Ryan

Ryan Egan

Ryan Egan

University of Arizona—Eller College of Management

BSBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship

I joined Equity Methods after an endeavor with one of the Big Four accounting firms. Like my old role, my work at Equity Methods involves managing a book of clients and navigating rules for financial reporting. But the client work at Equity Methods is different.

I help execute equity compensation reporting and related services for our clients. Our clients typically work in a wide range of departments within their respective firms, most of which are related to accounting, finance, and HR. In many cases, equity compensation may consume just a small piece of their day-to-day work, or they may not be fully versed in all the minutia. So, in addition to reporting, we’re also our clients’ resource for other issues related to equity compensation.

I like the variety of work here. We work on cutting-edge solutions to address complex issues. Many of our clients are household names, and we often work with senior executives who are openly appreciative of what we do. It’s fun to be part of something like that.

From the time I joined, I was encouraged to ask questions so I could get up to speed and make an impact as soon as possible. I advise new hires to motivate themselves, be willing to learn, and be flexible. One week may look different from the next. But we have a support system to help you.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced environment where you can pick up skills like project and relationship management, and you enjoy working with numbers, this is the type of work you’re looking for. And there’s a lot of opportunity to explore what interests you and mold your path to follow that. You can jump in and start contributing quickly.

What was the most surprising thing about working at Equity Methods?

The high level of service that we provide to the client. We’re usually quick to not only solve our client’s immediate problem but advise them on what to expect in the future.

What’s the most interesting client project you’ve had so far?

Pretty much everything has been interesting—and new to me, at least. But the one thing that we’re all very busy with right now is new to the market as well: the SEC’s new disclosure guidance surrounding pay versus performance. All public companies have to adhere to this new rule, and they’ve had to do a ton of things in a short time to prepare.

Once regulators issue new guidance, within 48 to 72 hours we’ve digested the information, discussed it internally, and started our analysis. We typically publish articles and hold live webcasts to explain our interpretation of the topic and what it means for our clients and the marketplace. Our initial understanding of an issue often evolves as more information becomes available, so we stay on top of it and help our clients navigate through any nuances or ambiguity.

How would you describe Equity Methods to someone who doesn’t know us?

We’re basically a one-stop shop for anything about equity compensation, especially the more granular concepts. Beyond that, we’re true consultants in that we work as an extension of our clients. We often work so closely with them that we feel like coworkers.

How would you describe your Equity Methods colleagues?

We’re a very diverse group of people. My colleagues are from all over the country, not to mention the world. But they have a lot in common, too. They’re productive, intelligent, and friendly.

What’s your favorite movie?

I’m a big fan of Christopher Nolan movies. My favorites are those that make you think or have a plot twist, like “Inception” and “The Dark Knight.” I’m looking forward to “Oppenheimer,” which is scheduled to come out this summer.

What did you do during your last vacation?

We went to San Diego. I love beach vacations. I’m from New Jersey, and my family visited the Jersey Shore all the time.

What’s your favorite thing about Arizona?

Probably just the ability to go outside all the time. There’s no bad weather here, even in the summer. Then again, I’ve been here for a while now. My body composition may have changed so I can deal with the summer heat!

What’s something that surprised you about living in Arizona?

The desert environment was alien to me. New Jersey is full of trees, grass, and humidity. Some people miss the changing of the seasons or the snow. Not me.

What do you like to do when away from work?

Because my job is inside, I try to get outside to play golf or otherwise enjoy the weather. One of my friends has a sailboat, so lately we’ve been sailing on the various bodies of water around here.

What’s the character trait you admire most in people?

Integrity. I look for it in the people I choose to hang out with, and I try to cultivate it in myself as well.


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