Maximize TSR Award Value through Real-Time Performance Tracking

AwardTraq allows you to see real-time performance progress on TSR awards.

Accurately tracking TSR over the life of the award is critical. TSR awards are complex and confusing to participants, limiting the award’s ability to drive desired behavior. With AwardTraq, you can ensure your awards remain meaningful and motivating by utilizing on-demand award performance reports. We design codified and customized processes to capture the unique terms of your awards, including how peer firms are added or subtracted over the life of the performance period.


Automated Tracking

Relative TSR programs based on large comparison groups require continuous monitoring, which is labor-
intensive (if not impossible) and prone to error. Through the click of a button in AwardTraq you and/or
your participants can immediately see the progress on their awards.


Award-Specific Customization

Flagging peer firm changes and trapping other anomalies is automated with AwardTraq, but is informed by our consulting
expertise. With dozens of variables changing every day throughout the life of a relative TSR award, our customized processes
equip you with the precision you need to apprise participants and other stakeholders with
accurate, real-time information.


Sophisticated Functionality

AwardTraq provides crystal clear visibility into award performance with real-time data. You, company
stakeholders and award recipients can access relevant and accurate details online anytime. With
AwardTraq, performance tracking is simplified through advanced features, including:

  • Admin control over who has access to which dashboards and reports
  • Flexibility for different levels of access and self-directed accounts (client-controlled)
  • Codified implementation process, including extensive testing and a peer review process
  • Ability to customize how corporate actions are handled (merger, ticker changes, etc.)
  • Final payout report at end of performance period (final payout)


Top 5 AwardTraq Benefits

  • Customized conventions for handling peer firm delisting, bankruptcy, equity restructuring or
    other forms of corporate action that arise over the life of an award
  • Ability to handle non-standard definitions of TSR, dividend reinvestment, and other financial variables
  • Flexibility to respond to ambiguous and/or undefined peer list structures
  • On-demand access to help ensure timely performance communications
  • Customized tracking and reports to meet a variety of stakeholder needs

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