Pay Equity Audit

Get actionable insights on gender pay equity in your organization.

Equity Methods’ gender pay equity audit services help compensation professionals understand and manage their pay equity considerations.

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Discover job- and performance-related factors that can explain variations in pay.

We tap into your own payrolls for factors that might contribute to observed pay differences among various groups. By using and synthesizing the results from multiple statistical methods, we help you unpack the root causes of pay variations. You’ll gain greater visibility into the compensation equation within and across protected groups, business units, job categories, and other dimensions of interest.

Identify ways to improve within the context of your specific environment.

Not all pay differences are the result of issues with gender pay equity. But sometimes, gaps exist for which there is no reasonable explanation. We help you gather and interpret the data around any material, unaccounted-for pay differences. Then we work with you on strategies to address potentially discriminatory pay structures, catching problems before they appear.

Provide visual, plain-English explanations for shareholders, employees, customers, and the media.

Statistics can be inconsistent and even contradictory. Where’s the truth? Buried in the data. We help your stakeholders see and understand this data in ways that answer their most pressing questions—clearly and defensibly. Documentation can include charts, text narratives, compliance-related analyses (which give more refined insights than averages alone), and more.

Learn more about gender pay equity issues.

Gender Pay Equity: 15 Questions and Answers for You and Your Compensation Committee

By popular demand—from attendees, that is—here’s an FAQ on gender pay equity following up our discussion at the 2018 WorldatWork Total Rewards conference. Read the blog post >

False Positive, False Negative: Beyond the Surface of Gender Pay Equity

In this article featured in the June/July 2018 issue of Workspan Magazine, we make the case for rigorous analysis to help explain variations in pay, then discuss ways to form an effective plan of action. Download the article >

Pay Equity Gathers Steam

While CEO pay ratio has dominated discussions lately, a much larger emerging issue is pay equity—statistically studying compensation throughout an organization to make sure there are no unexplainable differences linked to gender, race, or ethnicity. Here’s a primer on what you need to consider as you get ahead of this issue. Read the blog post >

Conditions like role, tenure, location, or performance sometimes explain existing pay differences. When they don’t, there could be a problem meriting closer investigation. Either way, it’s worth finding out and getting on top of any potential problems.

We’re happy to discuss your circumstances, either formally or informally.

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