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Pay Equity Gathers Steam

While CEO pay ratio has dominated discussions in 2017, a much larger emerging issue is pay equity—statistically studying compensation throughout an organization to make sure there are no unexplainable differences linked to gender, race, or ethnicity. Here’s a primer on the topic.

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Pay Ratio Preview: Top Five Takeaways from EM Surveys and Polling

Between our just-completed 2017 Executive Compensation Decision Support Survey and other market polling, we’ve picked up five key insights about how companies are preparing for the upcoming CEO pay ratio disclosure.

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In Stock Compensation Accounting, Spreadsheets Are Falling Out of Favor

In the wake of a controversial Wall Street Journal article on the demise of spreadsheets, we look at how spreadsheets fare in equity compensation and the push toward more predictive modeling and process agility.

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Financial Performance Assessment: The New ISS Pay-for-Performance Test

As predicted, ISS is broadening their quantitative test to include relative financial metrics. As much as TSR has come under fire as a metric, other metrics can often raise even more issues to manage.

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Revisiting the Reporting Treatment of Retirement-Eligible Employees

Some companies have recently taken the stance that expense for retirement-eligible employees should be taken during the year before grant. Will this become a trend?

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Equity Methods Tops Client Satisfaction Ratings in Stock Compensation Reporting for Four Consecutive Years

Group Five’s stock plan administration benchmarking report for 2017 is complete. And for the fourth year in a row, Equity Methods tops the list in client satisfaction.

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Highlights from the 25th Annual NASPP Conference

Four of our professionals presented in six sessions at the Annual NASPP Conference in Washington, DC this past October. Topics covered include best practices in stock-based compensation reporting, CEO pay ratio, behavioral biases in goal-setting, and stock ownership.

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What You Need to Know About the September 2017 SEC Pay Ratio Guidance

On September 21, 2017, the SEC released additional pay ratio guidance. The new guidance primarily reiterates and clarifies flexibility that the rule already allowed, with one substantial update. In this blog post, we go over the highlights of the interpretive guidance and updates to the Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations, and we discuss the ideas posed in the Department of Corporate Finance guidance regarding statistical sampling.

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CEO Pay Ratio: Using Analytics to Complete Your Story

Having trouble conveying your CEO pay ratio to others, inside or outside your organization? Pay ratio analytics can tell the story behind the calculation.

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Compensation Moneyball Part III: Making Use of Analyst Data

In this sequel to “Compensation Moneyball, Part II: The Simulation of Performance Targets,” we incorporate analyst expectations into the performance award goal setting process.